The Emmaus Series Booklets

The purpose of the Unpacking Booklets

Many of those who have commented on the series have praised the accessible language in which the themes of a renewed faith are presented. The makers of the series are aware, however, that the typical parish group may find it difficult to assimilate, in one sitting, the contents of many of our presentations.

The booklets accompanying the DVDs aim to overcome this problem in two ways:
By dividing the contents of our presentations into units suitable for group sessions.
By helping groups to enter into an ADULT LEARNING PROCESS that can make the interaction of the group a source of enlightenment and personal enrichment for all concerned.
This approach, if properly carried out, does not require the assistance of an expert leader.

On the left are links to the booklets in A4 PDF file Free of charge for those who are using The Emmaus Series to download and print for personal use only.

Please DOWNLOAD the "Getting Started Booklet" as guide on how to use the whole series as an adult faith learning.