The Emmaus Series Videos


Cardinal Edward Bede Clancy AC

December 13, 1923 - August 3, 2014

In The Emmaus Series Father John Thornhill sm brings his very considerable learning, deep personal faith, and a pleasant conversational style to his exposition of the faith in today's world. In setting the Church's beliefs and practices in their historical context, he gives them a perspective that will invite our reflection, enrich our understanding, and nourish our faith.

Father Patrick Lim is to be congratulated on his skilful recording and presentation of the series.



Most Rev Peter Joseph Connors DD, DCL

Emeritus Bishop of Ballarat

The Emmaus Series is the ideal response to the needs of small communities in rural dioceses. There is a constant plea for adult faith education. The topics presented by Father John Thornhill SM provide a very positive response. Senior secondary school students will profit greatly from using the series.

The style of presentation is very engaging for viewers, and the chapters allow for reflection and discussion. Father Thornhill's immense experience as a lecturer and writer on matters theological and spiritual deserve a wide coverage.

Father Patrick Lim, the producer of the series, has provided a great gift to the Australian Church. Both are worthy of congratulations and appreciation for what they have achieved.

Most Rev John Bathersby DD

Emeritus Archbishop of Brisbane

The Emmaus Series is an excellent collection of video lectures presented by Father John Thornhill sm. Drawing on his vast knowledge of Scripture and Theology, and nurtured by his own deep Spirituality, Father Thornhill presents a dynamic vision of faith capable of capturing the minds and hearts of people today, especially young people.

Enhanced by illustrations and appropriate texts the series will do much to renew the faith of a multitude of people who in an increasingly secularised world are searching for a spiritual vision of reality. Father Thornhill's clear and lucid explanation certainly satisfies that need.

I encourage all those people who are seeking a deeper knowledge of their faith to watch and listen to these lectures and prayerfully reflect on their wisdom.